Texas state leader necessitate ‘praying for protection’ rather than gun reform in wake of mass shooting

Texas state leader necessitate 'praying for protection' rather than gun reform in wake of mass shooting

Washington (CNN)A TX Republican state representative same he opposes stricter gun laws which individuals ought to instead be “praying for protection” hours once a mass shooting barrel West TX.

Republican Matt Schaefer announce on Facebook Saturday that “so-called gun-control solutions” will not “stop someone with evil intent,” which individuals ought to instead pray for victims and people with “evil intent.”
“‘Do something!’ is that the statement we have a tendency to keep hearing,” he wrote. “As associate degree official with a select capital of Texas, let Maine tell you what i’m NOT progressing to do. i’m NOT progressing to use the evil acts of some of individuals to diminish the God-given rights of my fellow Texans. Period. None of those alleged gun-control solutions can work to prevent someone with evil intent.”
Later within the post he continues: “What will we have a tendency to do? affirmative to praying for victims. affirmative to praying for defense. affirmative to praying that God would rework the hearts of individuals with evil intent.”
The TX Republican wrote the “root of the problem” is “Godless, depraved hearts,” in another Facebook post.
A gunman in West TX went on a shooting spree on Saturday, indiscriminately firing from his vehicle then from a hijacked mail truck. Seven individuals were killed, in keeping with Odessa Police PIO Steven LeSueur. Police killed the gunman during a fighting.
The suspect within the shooting used associate degree AR-type weapon, in keeping with Odessa police officer Michael Gerke.
The West TX Saturday shooting comes once mass shootings in urban center, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in early August.

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