Maj-Gen Saad Khattak withdraws his petition against govt

ISLAMABAD: Major General (retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak, in a very surprise move, withdrew his petition against the PTI government from the capital of Pakistan judicature (IHC) Tues while not citing any reason. This abrupt call of retreating the petition has been taken when media according that the federal cupboard has rejected his nomination for the post of Pakistan’s diplomat to Sri Lanka. in keeping with the retired general, it absolutely was Defence Minister Pervez Khattak WHO earlier blocked his appointment as chairman migrant Property Trust Board (ETPB) and so as a diplomat to Sri Lanka.

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Khattak’s name for the post of Pakistan’s diplomat to Sri Lanka was forwarded by HQ. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan rejected this name when some cupboard members raised objections. This move is unprecedented , as no civilian government has ever rejected any name counseled by the command post.

The prime minister features a quota of twenty p.c appointments of non-career diplomats as envoys. Out of this quota, 5 to 6 slots area unit assigned to militia. Normally, the militia appoint a retired officer as ambassador or diplomat in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Nigeria, state and sometimes in Asian country in addition. Previously, no civilian government has ever rejected the command post counseled name for the post of ambassador or diplomat. “The apparent reason of rejection of GHQ’s recommendation by Prime Minister Imran Khan is Maj information (retd) Khattak’s case against the centralized that is removed currently when he withdrew the petition. currently it’ll be attention-grabbing to visualize whether or not Imran Khan approves his name for the post of Pakistan’s diplomat to Sri Lanka or not,” commented a well-placed supply. it’s pertinent to say here that the retired general filed a petition within the IHC against Imran Khan’s government for not appointing him the chairman of ETPB despite being on prime of the benefit list. throughout the hearing of this case, the IH sent notices to the centralized and directed to submit their replies.

Interestingly, the date for hearing of Khattak’s case was mounted on Tues. identical day, media according concerning the rejection of his name for the post of diplomat to Sri Lanka. However, rather than following his case, the counsel for General Khattak received directions from him to withdraw the petition. once The News contacted General Saad (retd) Khattak to understand the explanation of the abrupt move, he aforementioned he doesn’t wish to speak to the present scribe and adorned up the phone.

The retired general leveled serious allegations against Imran Khan’s government in his petition and claimed it to be promoting favoritism and favouritism. Such Associate in Nursing act would result into dangerous governance and promote culture of corruption, aforementioned the petition. in keeping with sources, once Maj information Khattak’s name was brought ahead of cupboard for its approval, Defence Minister Pervaiz Khattak powerfully opposed it and sophisticated the prime minister concerning these allegations levelled by the retired commissioned military officer. The withdrawal of the petition from the IHC could be a trial to please the govt, believe the sources.

Khattak in his petition aforementioned, “After securing highest marks in terms of qualification, skills, expertise and quality, and being prime on benefit list, a unconditional right is made in favour of petitioner and he was to be appointed for applied post however to utter surprise of petitioner, respondent No.6 (Dr. Aamer Ahmed), WHO has retired within the month of March 2019 from the post of federal secretary, has been appointed on the post of chairman ETPB, vide Notification No.1/9/2005-E-6 dated 23-04-19, no reasoning some has been mentioned for doing this choose policy for the blue one-eyed and petitioner despite being on prime of the benefit list WHO was denied his basic right with none justification and reason and every one this malafide exercise was allotted so as to accommodate respondent No.6, WHO was in commission (special secretary interior) once the aforementioned post was publicised.”

The petition aforementioned, “The aforementioned action is additionally violation of Article twenty seven of Constitution of West Pakistan which offer protection and safe guard against discrimination in commission therefore the appointment of respondent No.6 is obtrusive example of misuse of authority and rank violation of benefit policy which needs interference by this court to safeguard the correct of petitioner underneath its constitutional jurisdiction.” Khattak’s petition additional aforementioned once the benefit and fairness are sacrificed at the altar of favouritism and favoritism, then such act would result into dangerous governance and promote culture of corruption as control by the judicature Quetta in its citation according as 2011 PLC(CS) 548.

“The impugned appointment letter dated 23-04-19 is issued by respondents in gross violation of the law, merit, rules, regulation, therefore identical is vulnerable to be declared as ineligible, unlawful and ineffective upon the correct of petitioner. The denial of petitioner’s basic right could be a results of vibrant exercise of power and actions on the far side the authority, so identical being against the principle of law and natural justice isn’t property. The appointment of respondent No.6 through impugned notification dated 23-04-19 by authority is results of vibrant exercise, supported malafide, ill-will, utter violation of benefit policy and same is corum non-judice jurisdiction, power,” the petition aforementioned.

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