Democratic Party embraces nonreligious voters, criticizes ‘religious liberty’ in new resolution

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) passed a resolution weekday complimentary the values of “religiously unaffiliated” Americans because the “largest spiritual cluster at intervals the political party.”

The resolution, that was nemine contradicente passed at the DNC’s summer meeting on Gregorian calendar month. twenty four in point of entry, Calif., was championed by the lay Coalition of America, a corporation that lobbies on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanists on public policy. The cluster celebrated the DNC’s move because the 1st time a serious party “embraced yank nonbelievers.”
“Religiously independent Americans overpoweringly share the Democratic Party’s values,” aforementioned the resolution, that adds they ought to advocate for “rational public policy supported sound science and universal humanistic values.”

Sarah Levin, director of governmental affairs for the lay Coalition of America, praised it as the simplest way “to make sure that policy is driven by science and proof, not sectarian beliefs.”
The move comes as Democratic presidential candidates have ramped up their spiritual rhetoric on the campaign path, however the party declared it’s targeting “nonreligious voters” to undertake to beat President Trump, United Nations agency coagulated the evangelical choose 2016.

America was based as a lay government charged with representing and protective the freedoms of individuals of all faiths and none,” Levin value-added. “I am proud to ascertain the political party take that to heart by transportation lay Americans into the fold.”

Political pundits have recognized Democrats’ supposed God drawback within the past and their efforts to resolve it.
In 2012, the last election Democrats won, a headline from the convention read: “Democrats boo God.” In 2016, attendees heckled a preacher man throughout the gap prayer. And on weekday, Democrats took an attempt at believers United Nations agency use “religious liberty” to threaten the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans.

The Freedom From faith Foundation’s co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor, known as the resolution a “political landmark” that’s “long due .”
The Wisconsin-based FFRF “is optimistic that the DNC resolution could be a sign of larger and higher things to come back for freethinkers, and would really like to ascertain each party at each level of presidency adopt similar resolutions.”

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