Hannity on mass shootings: ‘Pray for each single person’

Hannity on mass shootings: 'Pray for each single person'

Fox News’ Sean Hannity went when people who used the shooting massacres in El Paso, Lone-Star State and city, Ohio to attack President Trump and conjointly created it a degree to refer alternative cities underneath encirclement by violence spoken language they’re unheeded by the media.

“We really want to wish for each single person, each family, each neighbor, everyone that was wedged by the horrific violence over the past weekend,” Hannity aforementioned at the start of his broadcast.

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“We conjointly ought to pray for everybody killed this weekend in Chicago, in metropolis, in Detroit. Cities you do not hear loads concerning.”

Gun violence in Chicago this past weekend reportedly left a minimum of seven individuals dead and forty six battle-scarred.

The “Hannity” host referred to as out the media for politicizing the tragedies to “bludgeon” Trump, spoken language he was dismayed by their reaction.

“America tonight is in mourning and sadly, predictabl,y at intervals minutes–I mean minutes– there area unit those that raced to modify, exploit acts of violence to get low-cost, intellectually dishonest political points,” Hannity aforementioned.

Hannity conjointly condemned the shooters spoken language they may all “rot in hell” and adding that yank have a right to be upset and “demand that we have a tendency to fix the matter.”


The Fox News host offered sympathy for the Americans tormented by violence spoken language they were all a part of the “American family.”

“Innocent men, ladies and youngsters gunned down in cold blood. It’s happening daily in each huge town all across this country. And by the manner they are all a part of our yank family. Their families their pet ones, this can be our family our u. s.,” Hannity aforementioned.

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