India swing major US interests in South Asia at stake, warns FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister monarch Mehmood Qureshi on Friday same that the Indian government was gaslighting the international community into normalizing the de facto annexation of Indian-occupied geographic area.

In associate degree opinion piece for yankee news outlet CNN, the government minister warned that capital of India was swing major US interests at stake with ethno-nationalist saber-rattling within the South Asian region.

“India’s government desires to light the international community into normalizing India’s de facto annexation of the Muslim-majority state,” Qureshi wrote within the opinion piece.

“..(India is) ethno-nationalist saber-rattling in a very region with major US interests and international stability at stake,” the minister warned, probably alluding to the precarious security scenario in Asian country.

Qureshi additional same that the lawgiver measures of the Indian government in occupied geographic area were moving the protection scenario within the region towards the unimaginable.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi wrote that the unilateral move of Bharat on August five abrogated the special autonomous standing granted to Jammu and geographic area among its constitution.

“What has followed has reminded the globe of the political theory and social phobia that also plagues it and has forced everybody to decision the right Bharatiya Janata Party-led Indian government out on its actions.”

Qureshi another that the individuals of geographic area had been beneath total imprisonment and had continuing to examine shortages of food and drugs, whereas thousands had been detained through mass arrests.

“Using the acquainted ways of night raids, alleged torture, a media blackout and also the suppression of protests, the Indian government has been making an attempt urgently to hide occupied geographic area scenario,” he said.

FM Qureshi demanded the international community expose the fact that the BJP government was enacting through a villainous political agenda being pursued in Bharat.

“In its plans to permit Indians to shop for land in geographic area, India’s government is swing Kashmir’s Muslim majority at risk-a policy that would amendment Kashmir’s identity,” Qureshi warned.

In Pakistan’s opinion, he added, this profaned the Fourth convention, that prohibited a rustic from transporting its own individuals into occupied territory.

The government minister additional maintained that because the country that had continually committed itself to speaking up for the individuals of geographic area, Pakistan couldn’t be silent on the evolution catastrophe in geographic area.

“We should not be naïve regarding what’s happening in geographic area, and Bharat should be stopped before this goes from now on,” Qureshi wrote in his opinion piece.

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