South Asia region al-Qaeda chief killed in Afghanistan: officers

KABUL: The leader of Al-Qaeda´s South Asian branch was killed during a US-Afghan joint raid in southern Asian nation last month, Afghan officers confirmed weekday.

Asim Umar, United Nations agency crystal rectifier al-Qaeda within the Indian landmass (AQIS) from its beginning in 2014, was killed throughout a raid Gregorian calendar month twenty three on a Taleban compound within the liliopsid genus Qala district of Helmand province.

The Afghan Taleban denied that Umar had died, career the report “enemy unreal propaganda” meant to cover having hit a marriage party that had “only caused significant civilian losses”.

“Tens of standard civilian Afghans as well as those taking part during a wedding ceremony” were killed and wounded, it same in AN English-language statement printed by website Intelligence, that monitors insurgents activities worldwide.

Authorities same they’d investigate reports that forty civilians, as well as youngsters, were killed in AN airstrike throughout the operation.

US Forces-Afghanistan declined to comment.

Under a stalled withdrawal set up negotiated between the u. s. and therefore the Taleban, Washington united to drag troops from Asian nation if the insurgents abided by security guarantees and cut all ties with al-Qaeda.

The u. s. and therefore the Taleban had been negotiating for a year to succeed in a deal that might have cut U.S. forces in Asian nation and will have sealed the thanks to a discount in violence, however President Donald Trump scuttled that agreement last month, citing Taleban violence.

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