Musharraf treason case adjourned until day

PESHAWAR: The hearing of the treason case against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf was adjourned until day by the special court on Tuesday.

The three-judge bench of the special court, presided by Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth, accepted a plea by Musharraf’s to put off the hearing on the grounds of his counsel’s upset.

The petition requesting adjournment expressed that Musharraf’s counsel, Raza Bashir, was stricken by dandy fever and is presently below treatment at a hospital.
Court nominates new defence counsel in Musharraf treason case

After the retirement of Justice Tahira Safdar, the national appointed Justice Waqar Ahmed Seth because the bench’s new head.

The court has set to conduct the hearing of the case on a everyday from day.

The court conjointly directed the involved parties to submit written documents before consequent hearing.

Musharraf to miss treason case hearing

Earlier, the special court had appointive Advocate Raza Bashir because the defence counsel in Musharraf’s treason case.

The Ministry of Law and Justice had counseled fourteen advocates to defend the previous army chief, in line with Section nine of the legal code Special Court Act 1976.

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