LHC orders doctors to decision off strike, directs Punjab govt to handle issues

LHC orders doctors to decision off strike, directs Punjab govt to handle issues

The urban center court (LHC) on Th, whereas ordering young doctors to resume medical duties instantly, punished the secretary of Punjab’s Specialised tending and Medical Department of Education, Momin Agha, over the government’s delay in addressing the doctors’ issues.

Justice Jawad Hassan issued the order whereas hearing a petition filed by advocate Azhar Siddique against a doctors’ strike, that had been current for twenty nine days until date. The strike had been referred to as by young doctors against the promulgation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance, 2019.

During the hearing, Aga familiar the court that the govt had official a committee yesterday to require up the matter. Justice Hassan chided the secretary, asking why the committee was official solely yesterday once the strike had been current since early October.

Meanwhile, the counsel for the doctors objected to the committee, noting that it doesn’t embody any representative of the hanging doctors. The court upheld the objection and ordered the provincial government to incorporate Young Doctors Association (YDA) President Dr Qasim Awan and General Secretary Dr Salman Hafeez, their counsel Abid Saqi, and Dr Ali Raza of YDA to the committee.

Justice Hassan directed that the committee hold advisory workshops on the matter and take all stakeholders, as well as doctors, on board over the matter.

The court restrained the govt from taking any step against the complaintive doctors in the meantime. To this, the secretary familiar the court that a show-cause notice had already been issued to some individuals — that the court aforementioned the doctors would have to be compelled to submit their responses to.

Justice Hassan additionally punished the doctors over their strike. He remarked that professionals area unit guaranteed to some rules and rules and reminded their counsel that the Supreme Court had already passed a ruling over such strikes.

In response, the doctors assured Justice Hassan that court orders regarding the strike are going to be followed in letter and spirit.

Justice Hassan additionally offered that, at a later date, the court might issue an in depth judgement on the principles for strikes unionized by professionals.

The court can resume the hearing of the case on December two.

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