Al-Zafar’s 7 witnesses witnessed the allegations of Mashafi Shafi

Lahore: 7 witnesses from the singer submit a statement by singer in the case of singer Ali Zafar to be sent against Masha Shafi.
In the session, Lahore was heard on the claim of honor against Misha Shafi, during which seven witnesses submitted by singer and actor Ali Zafar to pledge allegiance. \
All the Witnesses in the statement, Hafeez, declared the allegations of Misha Shafi, saying that there was no such incident during the rehearsals in the studio, the rehearsals continued for 45 minutes and 11 people were present there.
The court summoned Masha Shafiq’s lawyers on hearing the testimony on the next hearing, and the hearing has been adjourned until May 29.
Remember that on the last hearing Ali Shahfar as a witness singer Kanza Munir had made a statement in which he said that Misha Shafi is a liar.
He said that there was a concert rehearsal in the studio, which consisted of 10 to 11 people, the rehearsal continued for 45 minutes, when Misha Shafi studied to the studio, he greeted Ali Zafar and greeted the rehearsal. Later, Misha Shafi did Ali Zafar in the same manner.
It was believed that the Supreme Court had prevented Zafar Zafar and Mishra Shafi from contesting the illegal sexual harassment case. The court heard that during the hearing, Justice Fiaz Isa ordered Mishra Shafi’s lawyer to prepare for investigation on the witnesses in 7 days. When done, Ali Zafar’s lawyer had ordered to submit a statement of testimonies in 7 days.

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