Jorge Masvidal stuns UFC 239 by delivering a brutal flying knee knockout among 5 SECONDS… that even caught the referee off guard!

Jorge Masvidal stuns UFC 239 by delivering a brutal flying knee knockout among 5 SECONDS... that even caught the referee off guard!

Jorge Masvidal delivered the quickest knockout in UFC history by rendering mountain Askren unconscious when simply 5 seconds at UFC 239.

Former street fighter Masvidal flew across the polygonal shape when the bell rang in their welterweight clash Associate in Nursingd sent an astonishing flying knee into his opponent’s head.

Askren tried to browse the move and duck below however instead took the complete force of the blow.
There was Associate in Nursing sounding gasp followed by a triumphant roar in city as former Olympic combatant Askren hit the deck, plainly departed from consciousness.

American fighter Masvidal was ready to deliver another blow to Askren before the referee, clearly caught off guard by the extraordinary begin and finish to the fight, intervened.

The knockout looked to possess been dealt when simply 2 seconds if not for the referee delay, however a five-second end takes the title of the fastest UFC knockout in history.

It evidenced to be 2 seconds quicker than Duane Ludwig’s seven-second stoppage against Jonathan Goulet in 2006. solely fortnight agone, Jairzinho Rozenstrui took 9 seconds to down Allen Crowder at UFC Greenville.
After the fight, Masvidal launched a withering attack on Askren. ‘He talked regarding my manhood, he talked regarding my culture, my quality,’ he said. ‘Where will we draw… why do bound folks get to try to to stuff online?

‘So you’ll do something, everything is cool before a fight, you’re allowed to try to to and say no matter you wish like alternative fighters aren’t doing, talking regarding peoples’ faith, peoples’ married woman, even kids. That’s cool?

‘But when a fight I’m not allowed to steamboat and rub it in your face in order that you (Askren) and guys such as you will see it and suppose ‘maybe I don’t speak such a lot s*** as a result of after I cross one in all these real motherf*****s they aiming to build American state obtain it man, they’re aiming to embarrass the s*** out of me’.

‘It’s not over for mountain either. He still needs to contend with American state. If I see him at Whole Foods I’m a still slap that adult male up as a result of I don’t like him.’

Askren later tweeted simply: ‘Well that sucked.’

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