Scientists simply captured a record 17-foot-long python in American state

(CNN)The Burmese python is one in every of the most important snakes within the world. however even by python standards, this one was prodigious.

Scientists caught a feminine python within the American state swamp that was over seventeen feet long, weighed one hundred forty pounds and contained seventy three developing eggs.
The snake is that the largest python ever faraway from huge Cypress National Preserve, a 729,000-acre expanse of wetland west of Miami in South American state, per a press release Friday on the preserve’s Facebook page.
The picture with the Facebook post tells it all.
It shows a team of 4 researchers, standing excluding each other, holding up the big craniate.
While pythons of all sizes are found within the swamp, most of them ar between half dozen and ten feet long. the most important one was over eighteen feet long and weighed over a hundred pounds, per the American state Fish and life Conservation Commission.
Still, this latest notice is spectacular. huge Cypress’ rangers credit analysis and new trailing technology with creating it attainable.
“Using male pythons with radio transmitters permits the team to trace the male to find breeding females,” their statement says. “The team not solely removes the invasive snakes, however collects knowledge for analysis, develops new removal tools and learns however the pythons ar mistreatment the Preserve.”
The Burmese python is native to geographical region, however in recent decades the large snakes became a slippery menace in American state. The swamp may be a huge space with a tropical climate good for pythons to cover and thrive.
State life officers estimate there ar as several as a hundred,000 pythons living within the huge swamps outside Miami. The snakes cause important threats to native life.
To control their population, American state even holds competitions encouraging hunters to get rid of as several of them as attainable.
Some 1,600 folks registered for the inaugural Python Challenge in 2013, organized by the American state Fish and life Conservation Commission. The searchers found solely sixty eight snakes.
In 2017, twenty five hunters were paid to euthanize pythons beneath a $175,000 pilot program by the South American state Water Management District.
The pythons began turning up within the swamp within the Eighties, presumably abandoned by pet homeowners once the snakes got too huge to handle. Some pet pythons conjointly might have at liberty from a breeding facility destroyed throughout cyclone Andrew in 1992.

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