Saudi Arabia announces important importance for Pakistani visitors when air strikes

Saudi Arabia announces important importance for Pakistani visitors when air strikes

ISLAMABAD: Saudi government announces important importance to Pakistani ages when Pakistan’s air strikes are closed.

According to the statement issued by the Saudi embassy, ​​the Saudi government will host the Pakistani ambassadors in Saudi Arabia until the routine flights to Pakistan come to normal.
According to the Saudi embassy, ​​the Saudi government is in touch with airlines, to ticket booking when the airline is restored.

According to the statement issued by the Embassy, ​​Saudi Ministry of Hajj has issued a statement that Ummah’s facilitating companies should stay in hotels at home to visitors from the airport and provide all possible facilities.

It should be remembered that after India’s tension, flights were canceled by airports in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and Faisalabad last day.
According to the Civil Aviation, Pakistan air expansion was extended at 8:00 PM on Friday morning.

However some flights of the National Airlines have been temporarily restored.

According to the spokesperson PIA, in the first phase, the schedule for scheduled flights to Pakistan has been relaxed for PIA only.

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India’s recent stress backgrounds
On February 14, 2019, an Indian military convoy was attacked in Palma district of occupied Kashmir, which killed more than 45 officials. After this, India had begun to settle Pakistan responsible for any evidence of evidence.

Then on 26th February, three o’clock from three o’clock at around 3 o’clock near three places tried to infringe the Pakistani boundaries, two of which failed to clear their flight on Sialkot, Bahawalpur, but their efforts to liberate Kashmir. From the Indian planets, the air-planes stopped by which Indian planes ran back to their ‘pay load’.

Pakistan strongly condemned the incident and gave a clear message to India that this provocation would respond to Pakistan’s time and time, and now India should wait for Pakistan’s patronage.

Later on February 27, the aerial planes of the Air Force pointing 6 target in occupied Kashmir on line-of-control, the airline set targets in its boundaries, pilots lock the target, but not target, but open distance and open Striking at the place whose aim was to tell that Pakistan has the potential capability, but Pakistan does not want to do the work that will prove to be irresponsible.

When the Pak Air Force target, then the Indian Air Force 2 ship again came to Pakistan by violating the LOC, but this time the Pak Air Force was ready, which killed both the Indian planes, a plane of Azad Kashmir. While in the occupied Kashmir boundaries.

Pakistan’s detention in Pakistan’s boundary was arrested by Pakistan, whose name is Wing Commander Nandan.

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