Sarai Devi’s daughter, Janavi started learning Urdu

Sarai Devi's daughter, Janavi started learning Urdu

Mumbai (CNN) Bollywood legendary actress Suri Devi’s saintly actor, Janavi Kapoor, started learning Urdu for the movie ‘Thalal’. In Bollywood, children of famous artists are easily found in the Bollywood. The daughter of legendary actor Sirdy Devi’s daughter, Janavi Kapoor, too stepped into a movie degree very easily due to her parents but achieves success in Bollywood, who loves herself with her ability. The hard work has started and the same purpose

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For he has begun Urdu learning for his next film ‘Thapa’. Javed has been taking classes of Urdu for the last four months so that he can speak Urdu with the correct accent and accuracy of the film. Apart from this, he is also studying a regular history. It is important that the story of producer Karan Johar’s ‘Thapa’ rotates around the Mughal era, so it is necessary to speak Urdu with the correct pronunciation of the actors to fill the reality in the film. Is.

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