Sania Mirza declared Indian pilot Abhi Nandan as heroes

Sania Mirza declared Indian pilot Abhi Nandan as heroes

Sania Mirza declared Indian pilot Abhi Nandan  as heroes

New Delhi (Urdu Point Latest News, March 2, 2019) Shoaib Malik’s wife, Indian captain Tennis star and former Pakistani captain of Pakistan, declared Indian pilot Nehan as heroes. In his tweet on Samaa Mirza Mirza Rejoicing on the return of the Indian pilot, saying that Wing Commander is now a real hero, tribute to the Indian pilot while saying that the courage, greatness and bravery that you have demonstrated on all India’s surroundings You are our true hero.
Remember that the Pak Air Force seas, on February 27, had inflicted a nineteen plane in Pakistan after violating the air boundaries, after which it was arrested, later the Pak Army spokesman presented the Indian Pilot to the media. What was it in which he had told himself the wing commander and his batch number, Nandan, praising Pak army professionalism, had advised his army to run under this discipline.

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Prime Minister Pakistan announced the release of the Indian pilot last day, after which it was handed over to the Indian authorities from the Lahore Wagah Border Sector. Now before leaving the office, Nandan’s last message came out in which criticizing his media Nandi said that the Indian media enhances small things to foster people’s feelings. It is a matter of time that the Indian ruling party members and the BJP leader, due to the clear Indian tension, a few days ago, Sanaan Mirza was the daughter-in-law of the high Karnataka demanding that he should be awarded the honorary post
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