Samsung’s Foldable phone details and prices came up

Samsung's Foldable phone details and prices came up

Seoul (Monitoring Desk) Samsung Samsung announced its new Foldable Mobile Price. According to the details, last days the report came to pass that Samba Singh plans to introduce a new and innovative smartphone this time, to take over other mobile companies. The foreign website looking at anime was claimed. Samsung will be able to launch a smartphone foldable folding facility in November, which will be closed as a book and most interesting.

The thing is that this phone will have 2 screens. According to the promise, on November 8 introduced the book-to-side folding cell phone called ‘Infinity Flex Display’. Samsung puts this screen on the screen flexible and it is 7.3 inches, smart device can be turned off as a book, while it opens up the tablet. After folding the phone screen works like a normal mobile phone that is easily placed in the pocket.

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The company did not provide other phone-related information, it was announced that it will be presented soon in the phone market. Samsung users waiting for mobile phones and other features that are now over. The mobile introduced by the company includes Sniper Dragon Processor and 6000 MEH Battery, while its screen is 7.3 inches and 2 cameras in the mobile, one of which is 12 megapixel and the Front Risk is 8 megapixels. Samsung set a new set of $ 1800, which is about Rs 2.5 lakh near the Indian currency. The sale and sale of this phone will start next year since February.

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