Samsung S10 phone will be introduced in 5 different versions?

Samsung S10 phone will be introduced in 5 different versions

A few days ago, the rumors were coming out that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be introduced in three different versions from Samsung, and it is said that apart from three, a Wi-Fi phone will also come. But now a leak has been claimed that Samsung is about to offer its flagship phone for the first time not 3 or 4, but in 5 versions. According to the Dutch Blog Site Tech Tests report, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Edge, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

The device will also be introduced with the GGS as Galaxy S10 Bolt. This 5th phone will share the features of Galaxy S. 10VG. The report said that the FYG and Bolt version phones would be quite similar, but the battery will be given more in battery versions. These phones will be equipped with features such as the 6.7-inch Kharmar screen, the Kochromo Sniper Dragon 855 or the Xinosis 9820 processor, 2 front cameras, 4 back cameras, the ultrasonic display display fingerprint, the Wi-Fi connectivity and ceramic backs. In comparison to this, the processors will be similar to the other three phones, but they will have different camera setup and screen sizes.

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The Galaxy S will be 10-inch Standard or Edge and Galaxy S10 Plus, the Edge screen, with which the standard model is 6.1 inches and the other 6.44-inch screen. Plus model will be set on Front Front 2 and 3 cameras on back, while standard cell models and dual backup cameras will be installed in standard models, and yes, both of them will be installed in the fingerprint sensor screen. Camera Setup in S10 Lite will be S10 Standard and it will be flat display while the fingerprint sensor will be on the side. Galaxy S10’s three-way forward models will be available by the end of February while the FY models will be available for consumers this year.

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