Salvation ban – God knows where your simple hearted go

Salvation ban - God knows where your simple hearted go

Salvation ban – God knows where your simple hearted go

Chief Secretary Punjab has prohibited RPOs and deputy commissioners from all over the province to ban photographs, group photos and salaries in private people or programs besides government ceremonies. The Punjab government will break the heart of some bureaucrats when some say “OG, dirty peoples” make salaries and usually share on Facebook, so this bond will be like the bond will be like that. Facebook will be too light.

It is believed that Sahib Naughty, most people who make salads are simple heart, now after the ban on the seals, they will have the right to ask that where should they go to your simple heart-servants?

I think such restrictions on simple heart beds do not look good, ordinary people are already disturbed by the time bound spending on the double rides of the bike.

Now whoever comes out of the ban on the cellulite cell, please let him welcome.

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See the biggest benefit of Salafi is that it becomes free, and what’s wrong for free hands. Hakim Naughty’s view is that there is no ceremony in the presence of the oath without the self-determination that you have heard about the beauty of the country Yes, in the same way, the beauty of celebrations is celebrated if the officers banned them. So, their situation in celebrations will happen like an actress at the age of seventy. We can say that the desire for self-determination is hidden behind each cell, but when the season of seasoning is running, it is not unbelievably more unbelievable than what is happening.

For general people, Salafi is the best way to show relations with Pakistan’s powerful elite, whether it is different or not. Good morning. We have also seen that when someone is a big man. Oh sorry If you try to make a cell phone with a large man, then it turns out to be a bit different, or makes your face bigger by turning towards the face of creator. Because “Oh Yeah ..”

After the word ‘Salafi’ came into force, some self-determined intellectuals got the right to translate it. Now they have also translated their translation. These intellectuals have translated “selif” to “self”. But Hakim Naughty has abused him as “philosophy self-determination” of allah Iqbal, saying that he can translate anything but can not compromise on “self”. Better other potato batches, batches, batches, batches, but not bullies. Hakim Naughty expressed happiness on the fact that there is no ban on the Salafis in Sindh, so they appealed to women and gentlemen seeking self-help, to hurry up and make salaries with their favorite personalities. It is unlikely that you should be late and see the Punjab seen government, Sindh also ban the officers’ salaries.

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