Salman Khan stopped Asmat Aslam from his song

Salman Khan stopped Asmat Aslam from his song

Indian actor Salman Khan prevented Pakistani singer Asif Aslam from singing for his film ‘Notebook’.

After the crackdown on the occupying Indian army in Palma district of occupied Kashmir, Hindu extremists are organizing anti-Pakistan hatred in an organized manner, while the Indian government has also blamed Pakistan for no investigation.

Pakistan has banned ban from trade and works of Pakistan actors, singers and technicians in the film industry, and then it is now being cleared by Pakistani singers now.
According to Hariat Media reports, Asmat Aslam was singing songs for ‘Notebook’ of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, but now he has been stopped from singing, after which Indian singer Arman Malik Sing songs

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On the other hand, Indian media has claimed that Salman Khan has prevented Asmat Aslam from singing his new movie “India”.

Remember that Ashtar Aslam and Raathat Fateh Ali Khan are his first choice for Salman Khan’s films, and that is why his films are included in movies of Indian actor.

It is clear that former cricketer and state minister Najjit Singh Sadoo, the producer of showcase Salman Khan from comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ separately from the cast

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