Salman and Shah Rukh song in the film Zero was stuck

Salman and Shah Rukh Khan's song in the film Zero was stuck

Bollywood King Nehru and Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s film Zero ” Love Bha’i ‘releases release on social media. Zakir Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film’ Zero ‘ The new song has been released on social media. Shahrukh Khan declared the release of the song in a poetic manner, saying, “It was gone alone to please Mahboob on the journey of love, friend got in love with him.” Zero “Zero” as guest actress Salman Khan, also the singer’s release

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But there was no silence and expressed happiness that the name of the friend, the name of friendship, the names of the loved ones, the name of love, which Shah Rukh Khan thanked for hundreds, said that again your cheeks Like the popularity of the movie, popularity of song ‘Love Bhihya’ can be gauged that the video of this song of 16 seconds can be seen more than 77 million in just one day. It is important that Katrina Kaif and Anoshka Sharma will also play playing the main role in King Khan’s film ‘Zero’, which is directed by Anand L. Roy. This movie will be celebrated on December 21th of the cinemas this month.

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