IG report highlights apparent inconsistencies in Comey’s testimony concerning Trump memos

IG report highlights apparent inconsistencies in Comey's testimony concerning Trump memos

Findings by the Department of Justice military officer free weekday square measure raising new questions on the essential might 2017 timeline leading up to the appointment of Special Counsel Henry Martyn Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Comey testified that it absolutely was Trump’s might twelve, 2017, tweet concerning potential White House tapes that prompted him to come to life “in the center of the night” days later, convinced that he required to leak the contents of 1 of his sensitive memos documenting his conversations with Trump. Such a leak, Comey reasoned, would end in AN investigation that may uncover any tapes created by the president.

But the 83-page report free weekday by the Department of Justice military officer disclosed that on the afternoon of might fourteen, 2017 — the Sunday before that alleged late-night episode occurred — Comey sent four of the memos to 1 of his attorneys, St. Patrick Fitzgerald, “with directions to share the e-mail and PDF attachment with [attorney David] Kelley and [Columbia school of law academic Daniel] Richman.”

There were no indications that Comey told Richman, his old friend and advisor, to leak the documents at that point. Fitzgerald forwarded the documents to Kelley at 7:35 a.m. on May 17, and to Richman on might seventeen at 10:13 a.m.

COMEY profaned FBI POLICIES, critical immune serum globulin REPORT FINDS

However, on the morning of might sixteen, Comey individually sent a digital photograph of 1 of his memos specifically to Richman, with express directions to share the substance of the memoranda with a replacement York Times communicator.

On May 16, 2017, supported a leak from Richman at Comey’s direction, The the big apple Times ran a story documenting the memos and bearing the headling “Comey memoranda Says Trump Asked Him to finish Flynn Investigation.”

Richman was additionally the supply of a might eleven the big apple Times article that delineate Comey’s personal conversations with “associates,” within which Comey aforesaid Trump had requested a loyalty pledge from Comey. That article prompted Trump to tweet, “James Comey higher hope that there are not any ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaky to the press!”

Separately, the immune serum globulin report probed Comey’s honesty throughout his general assembly testimony, once ME Republican subunit. Susan Collins asked him, “Did you show copies of your memos to anyone outside of the Department of Justice.”

“Yes,” Comey aforesaid.

“And to whom did you show copies?” Collins asked.

“I asked — the president tweeted on Fri once I got unemployed that I higher hope there is not tapes. I aroused from sleep within the middle of the night on weekday night as a result of it did not dawn on Pine Tree State originally, that there may well be certification for our spoken communication,” Comey aforesaid.

“There may a tape,” Comey continued . “My judgment was, i want to induce that out into the general public sq.. I asked a disciple of mine to share the content of the memoranda with a communicator. did not sleep with myself for a spread of reasons. I asked him to as a result of i believed which may prompt the appointment of a special counsel. I asked an in depth friend to try to to it.”
Comey later told the immune serum globulin that he had provided the memos to Richman — however was faulted for not mentioning that he had additionally given the documents to his lawyers.

In conversations with the immune serum globulin, Comey deuced Collins for not asking “follow-up queries,” and explained that he felt he “was attempting to answer the question that was asked, and not reveal confidential communications with my lawyers.” Comey histrion a distinction between conversations along with his attorney for legal recommendation and conversations with Richman for the needs of leaky data.

Other apparent problems with Comey’s honesty were ordered clean within the immune serum globulin report. as an example, the report created clear that while Comey assured Trump that he wasn’t in person below investigation, the previous FBI director and his prime deputies visited nice lengths to confront Trump at a January. 6, 2017, meeting at Trump Tower with the salacious accusations within the written record written by British ex-spy patron saint author.
CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper, and National Security Agency (NSA) Director electro-acoustic transducer Rogers were additionally present at the Trump Tower meeting. however the cluster “agreed that the briefing” on the written record claims “needed to be one-on-one, so Comey might gift the ‘salacious’ data within the most discreet and least embarrassing means.”

The goal, in keeping with the FBI officers, was to check if Trump would “‘make statements concerning or offer data valuable to the unfinished Russia interference investigation’ referred to as ‘Crossfire cyclone.'”

After Comey disclosed the written record claims to Trump, he discovered the president’s reactions and quickly documented them for fact-finding functions, the immune serum globulin recounted.

“Comey aforesaid he had a secure FBI laptop computer awaiting him in his FBI vehicle which once he got into the vehicle, he was two-handed the laptop computer and ‘began writing because the vehicle moved ,'” the immune serum globulin report explicit . That section of the immune serum globulin report was initial flagged by The Washington Examiner’s Byron York.
Comey later headed to the the big apple FBI field workplace to debate the matter in an exceedingly secure videoconference with alternative members of the Crossfire cyclone team, in keeping with the report.

News that Trump had been briefed on the accusations by prime FBI brass was later leaked to CNN, and provided the impetus for the network to report on the dossier’s existence.

“We have a CNN exclusive for you currently,” anchor Jake Tapper aforesaid January. 10, 2017. “CNN has learned that the nation’s prime intelligence officers provided data to President-elect Donald Trump and to President Barack Obama last week concerning claims of Russian efforts to compromise the president-elect,” citing “a former British intelligence operative whose past work U.S. intelligence officers deliberate to be credible.”

CNN didn’t mention that author was funded by the mountaineer Clinton campaign and therefore the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and it didn’t reveal that participant within the meeting had leaked the news concerning the written record informing.

The immune serum globulin is individually functioning on a report into broader potential IC police investigation abuses.

Meanwhile, Republicans lined up to Hammer Comey supported the IG’s findings.

“Perhaps ne’er within the history of our Country has somebody been additional completely shamed and excoriated than James Comey within the simply free Inspector General’s Report. He ought to be discredited of himself!” Trump tweeted.

“By leaky his confidential communications with the president in an endeavor to save lots of face within the wake of his firing, Mr. Comey believed he was on top of the principles of the Justice Department,” Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, aforesaid in an exceedingly statement. “His actions were disgraceful and a part of a wider effort at intervals the Obama Department of Justice to undermine President Trump.”

The immune serum globulin report looked into memos Comey wrote between Jan 2017 and Gregorian calendar month 2017 concerning conversations with Trump that Comey found formidable or uncommon. These embrace a dinner at that Comey says Trump asked him to pledge his loyalty to him ANd a non-public Oval Office meeting weeks later at that Comey says the president asked him to drop an FBI investigation into Flynn.

The Justice Department’s official watchdog ended that the memos Comey unbroken were, in fact, “official FBI records,” and aforesaid Comey set a “dangerous example” along with his actions.
The immune serum globulin report printed a series of violations, together with that he poor FBI policies and therefore the bureau’s employment contract “by providing one amongst the unclassified memos that contained official FBI data, together with sensitive fact-finding data, to his friend with directions for the friend to share the contents of the memoranda with a communicator.”

Further, the immune serum globulin determined that Comey unbroken copies of 4 memos (out of the full seven he drafted) in an exceedingly personal safe reception once his removal as director — and in doing thus “violated FBI policies and his FBI employment contract by failing to give notice the FBI that he had maintained them.”

The immune serum globulin aforesaid Comey once more profaned the principles “by providing copies … of the four memos he had unbroken in his home to his 3 personal attorneys while not FBI authorization,” and by failing to alert the FBI once he learned one amongst the memos contained sections later deemed classified at the confidential level.

“By not safeguarding sensitive data obtained throughout the course of his FBI employment, and by victimisation it to make public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over thirty five,000 current FBI employees—and the numerous thousands additional former FBI employees—who equally have access to or data of private data,” the report explicit .

The immune serum globulin added: “Were current or former FBI workers to follow the previous Director’s example and disclose sensitive data in commission of their own powerfully control personal convictions, the FBI would be unable to dispatch its enforcement duties properly.”
While the findings of the probe were forwarded to the Justice Department, the department has declined prosecution, as Fox News rumored earlier this month. except for Comey, UN agency has cultivated the image of a by-the-book and clean-handed leader since his termination in 2017, the review shined a harsh light-weight on his decisionmaking within the final, beleaguered weeks of his tenure at {the head|the prime|the pinnacle} of the nation’s top enforcement agency.

For his half, Comey zeroed in on a locality that aforesaid he did not leak classified material on to the media — and urged his critics to inform him “sorry we have a tendency to song concerning you.”

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