The Paris police assaulter followed a ‘radical vision of Islam,’ the anti-terrorism lawyer says

(CNN)The wrongdoer of a knife attack that left four individuals dead at a Paris police station had recently adhered to a “radical vision of Islam,” in step with witnesses, anti-terrorism lawyer Jean-François Ricard aforementioned Saturday.

Three policemen and a feminine police body employee were killed Thursday by a colleague WHO was later shot dead by a 24-year-old police intern within the building close to Notre Dame Cathedral, the lawyer aforementioned.
The assaulter, known by police solely as Mickaël H., had reborn “about ten years ago” to Islam and recently had unbroken to a a lot of “radical vision,” Ricard aforementioned throughout a press conference.
The assaulter had contacts with individuals suspected of happiness to the ultraconservative Salafist movement of Islam, the lawyer aforementioned.
The assaulter had expressed his support for the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks, Ricard aforementioned, and “certain acts committed within the name of this faith,” likewise as a want to “cease bound styles of contact with women” and his adoption of ancient Muslim consumer goods “in the previous couple of months.”
Wife remains in custody
The assaulter and his mate changed thirty three text messages over twenty nine minutes the morning preceding the attack, and their content was “exclusively spiritual,” the lawyer aforementioned.
The last exchange over with “Allahu akbar,” which implies “God is greater” in Arabic, and “follow the vision of our prophet Mahomet and meditate over the sacred writing.”
These text messages were sent half-hour before the assaulter visited a neighborhood store and acquired 2 knives that may be employed in the attack.
The assaulter’s mate remains in police custody, the order that was extended on Saturday afternoon for an additional forty eight hours. She wasn’t selected as “Fichier S,” that French enforcement use for someone WHO represents a significant threat to national security, Ricard aforementioned.
The attacker, WHO was deaf once getting infectious disease, was born in 1974 and worked in IT maintenance for French Police Intelligence at the Prefecture Delaware Police.

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