Chinese films prohibited from connection Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards

Chinese films prohibited from connection Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards

China’s film regulator has prohibited dry land Chinese movies associated stars from collaborating in an annual awards ceremony dubbed the “Chinese Oscars”.

The China Film Administration failed to provide any reason why it absolutely was boycotting the Golden Horse Awards, that ensue in Taiwan.

It comes once a recent step-up of tensions between China and Taiwan.

China has demanded the “immediate cancellation” of a planned arms sale by the North American nation to Taiwan.

In July, it criticised the North American nation for not adhering to its One China policy, below that the North American nation recognises and solely has formal ties with China, not Taiwan.

China regards Taiwan as a part of its territory that ought to be reunited with the dry land, by force if necessary.

The decision to ban dry land participation within the awards is being seen because the latest move by capital of Red China to pile pressure on Taiwan within the wake of the deal.

What is the Golden Horse Awards?
The Golden Horse Awards is one amongst the foremost prestigious events within the Chinese-speaking world and this year are going to be persevered twenty three Nov within the capital of Taiwan, Taipei.

Mainland Chinese actors and films have entered, and won, within the past.

But Chinese state media CCTV according on Wednesday that China’s film authority has suspended movies and personnel from the Chinese dry land from collaborating within the 56th Golden Horse festival.

Last year the awards caused disceptation once many participants used it as a platform to specific political beliefs.

Taiwanese director Fu Cantonese dialect UN agency won the simplest documentary award, aforementioned in her acceptance speech that she hoped Taiwan would be recognised as “independent”.

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Tu Men, associate actor from China, then followed up by speech he was honored to gift a present in “China, Taiwan”.

His words prompted Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen to talk out, speech that Taiwan had “never accepted the phrase ‘China, Taiwan’ and ne’er would, as a result of Taiwan is Taiwan”.

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