AOC says she finds ‘common ground’ with some in Republican Party — then slams Liz Cheney

AOC says she finds 'common ground' with some in Republican Party -- then slams Liz Cheney

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aforesaid weekday that she finds “common ground” with some members of the Republican Party — however criticized the Republican Party for turning into a “political mob.”

The big apple Democrat created the comments throughout one in all her now-signature Instagram live streams wherever she answered queries from viewers as she overdone food.


“There ar quite an few Republican viewpoints that I really share and that i suppose there ar tons of places wherever I actually have footing. I really suppose I actually have tons of footing with several philosopher viewpoints in their party,” Ocasio-Cortez aforesaid.
She then began listing a number of the philosopher viewpoints with that she agrees.

“True libertarians, that several happen to be within the Republican Party, true philosopher viewpoints ar pro-immigration. thus that is one,” she said.

“Another is that i am quite anti-interventionist. … i am anti-war and then from the angle of tiny government, there ar Republicans WHO ar terribly systematically anti-war and anti-military disbursal. thus I do tend to seek out tons of footing with them on it.”

The comment came simply before Ocasio-Cortez unemployed off a tweet at Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., WHO criticized Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. The New Yorker discharged Cheney’s views supported the foreign policies of her father, former vp Dick Cheney.
MFW *Liz Cheney* of all individuals tries to supply policy takes, as if a whole generation hasn’t lived through the Cheneys causing US into war since we tend to were youngsters,” she tweeted.

She further throughout the live stream that she finds a typical cause with philosopher Republicans once it involves opposing government police work and alternative measures that violate privacy rights and alternative civil liberties.
She later reiterated her sympathy to sure Republican viewpoints on Twitter, speech she finds footing on problems like “Ending unnecessary war exploding military disbursal,” “Protecting civil liberties & privacy rights” and “Holding dangerous contractors responsible.”

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