Kerala malefactor|murderer|liquidator|manslayer} Jolly: however a psychoneurotic murderer hid behind mask of devout mass

Some took her as a proud college of the distinguished National Institute of Technology (NIT), others thought she worked during a shop. Kerala serial murderer Jolly managed to cover her dark facet behind an enthralling smile.
For many within the nondescript village of Koodathayi, this pious girl was a proud college of the distinguished National Institute of Technology (NIT) until some days agone.

Some others took her to be a talkative shop employees having a good network of friends. But, for the complete village of Koodathayi, a sleepy-eyed hamlet in Kozhikode in north Kerala, 47-year previous Jolly, the alleged cyanide killer inactive recently in reference to the death of her initial husband Roy Thomas in 2011, was a non secular person outlay her weekends during a native church here and prayer teams.

The woman is additionally the prime suspect in reference to 5 different deaths within the family between 2002 and 2016. they may bear in mind her solely as a staunch Catholic World Health Organization ne’er gave a miss to the Sunday mass, Biblical sessions and prayer gatherings and as a “mature” girl World Health Organization had appeared composed even throughout the series of deaths within the family.

The dumbstruck villagers ar currently making an attempt laborious to address the fact that the jolly wife had hidden the mind of a psychoneurotic serial murderer behind her charming smile and managed to guide a standard life in concert among them once eliminating six lives at regular intervals.


Everything from her claim of being AN NIT lecturer at Kozhikode to an honest mass clothed to be an online of lies within the investigation opened by the Crime Branch wing of the Kerala Police.

Lilly, a neighborhood girl, same she and Jolly had hung out along at a divine retreat centre simply days before the police inactive her from “Ponnaramattom”, her village house wherever a number of the suspected murders had taken place.

Jolly even accustomed hold prayer conferences at her house, within which native devotees would participate, she said. “We were along for a one-day meditation at the retreat centre simply days agone. She looked a great deal cool and composed even after I asked concerning the continuing police inquiry concerning the death of her husband Roy Thomas,” she said.

HOW NEIGHBOURS bear in mind THE serial murderer

Neighbours remembered her as a multi-tasking skilled, World Health Organization drove to the NIT field each morning once her daily chores reception. “We accustomed see Jolly planning to NIT driving her automotive each morning. There ar many folks that met her on the field of the distinguished establishment. i do not shrewdness she managed it. There was no space for any doubt until the police case came up,” Manoj Kumar, another indweller, said.

Even the academics of the native faculty, wherever her second son is finding out, were created to believe that she, a commerce graduate, in reality, was AN NIT college. it’s still a mystery wherever the lady accustomed go and pay the total day from morning until evening if she wasn’t functioning at the engineering faculty.

It was conjointly nonetheless to unravel however she managed to forge the positive identification of the distinguished establishment and enter the field, library and canteen ofttimes.

In reality, Jolly had cast the certificate of a post-graduation course which of the University Grants Commission to convert folks concerning her NIT identity, police sources same adding she wasn’t a B.Tech graduate, as claimed by her however a commerce degree holder.

Sulekha, a neighborhood shop owner, pink-slipped Jolly’s claim to an area of friends ANd relatives that she was an worker within the saloon. “I have apprehend Jolly for a few time… however she was simply a client… she convinced Maine conjointly that she was a NIT college,” Sulekha same.


As Jolly had with success covert her real self within the last seventeen years through a series of lies, pious and convincing behaviour, Koodathayi and its native folks ar nonetheless to live through the shock of the new revelations.

Besides Jolly, M S Mathew (44), a detailed friend of the lady and Prajikumar (48), World Health Organization had allegedly equipped the cyanide, have to date been inactive.

Eight years once her initial husband Roy Thomas’s death following consumption of cyanide-laced food, police inactive Jolly and 2 others on Sat and commenced investigations into the death of 5 others of the family.

Her second husband Shaju was questioned for nearly the total day on Mon and was excuse once his statement was recorded.

A Special Investigation Team has been inquisitory the case once receiving a criticism from Roy’s US-based brother, Rojo, over the six deaths between 2002-2016.

Jolly has been inactive solely within the case regarding the death of her husband Roy Thomas because of the presence of cyanide mentioned in his post-mortem report.

For the remainder of the deaths, police ar nonetheless to spot the presence of cyanide or something within the rhetorical analysis that was done once exhuming the remains.

While Jolly’s in-laws Annamma Thomas and Tom Thomas had died in 2002 and 2008 severally, Roy Thomas kicked the bucket in 2011 and Annamma’s brother Mathew in 2014. Jolly later got married to their relative Shaju, whose married woman Sili and one-year-old girl had died in 2016.

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