Russia’s telecom operators reveal their customers’ data

Russia's telecom operators reveal their customers' data

Russia’s telecom operators reveal their customers’ data

Russia’s most popular telecom operators are selling their data collection data for Moscow City Hall for millions of dollars.

Moscow’s capital Moscow is in the news about the introduction of the world’s largest face-recognition system. It is being said that this system will be installed 174,000 surveillance cameras this year.

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Meanwhile, a new anti-terrorism law came in the last summer, in which Russia’s top telecom companies were bound to keep consumer communication safe for 6 months.

Moscow’s local newspaper Vedomotyte reported that authorities in Moscow are using data about SIM-SIM users’ SIM card indicating public transport of public transport on public transport.

Moscow City Hall spent a total of $ 30 million in airline data in 2018, and up to 516 million Russian currency rubles since 2015.

Russian co-operation Nikolai Leggkovo Moo, a Russian counterpart of PMG Global Auditor, warned that local authorities can use such huge data to misuse political campaigns or advertising services.

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