Russian police arrested herself, a doctor

Russian police arrested herself, a doctor who was considered as a doctor

Police station arrested girl who was called Dracula and presented herself in the court, the court heard girl sentence for a year’s sentence for a person’s attack on a person. According to details, 22-year-old Olga Turskaya, a resident of Novoslavsk, Russia’s city, claimed that she was a doctoral and she attacked a friend on a friend to drink blood. The foreign news agency said that the show was shown on the television television show ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Due to seeing the program, the girl considered herself as a doctor. In the court documents, it was said that the Tatina Kurskaya had interacted with a person through a social contact website and decided to meet a few days later. The Russian news agency said that 22-year-old girl started living with an infected boy after suddenly and sleeping one day after sleeping, said that I am a doctor and I beg you blood.

The foreign news agency said 22-year-old girl was attacked by a knife on the victim, but the young man failed to attack the girl who considered herself as a doctoral, but the girl picked up another knife with another hand and chested young Warmed on which caused a minor injury to the affected person. The foreign news agency said that the injured person injured in the condition and informed the local police and police, after which the police arrested the girl.

The girl told the investigating police during the investigation that the person mentioned was Salulov, an enemy and my enemy, who wanted to kill, the court convicted the girl for a year and imprisoned five lakh rupees in the crime of attacking the knife. He ordered the transfer of the prison to the jail. The Russian media said that the court ordered the amount of fines to be paid to the victim.