Refused to work with Parmika Paidukon’s Amir Khan

Refused to work with Parmika Paidukon's Amir Khan

Because the fans of both of them were keenly wishing that Amir and Pika should be seen in a movie together. Pravika Paidukon will soon shoot the director of Magna Gulzar’s film, in which he is a female-born lady Lakshmi. Agarwal’s role will be seen.

Mumbai (NNA) Namibullah Pokukun refused to work with Mr.Marvascistist Amir Khan. According to the media, Khan Khan is busy preparing for his Dream Project ‘Maha India’ in which he is the Indian Descent role of Krishna. The role will be, when Amir had offered actress Pikaika Padukone to the role of ‘Dropupi’ in the film, but Pika refused to become a popularity in the Mahabharata, and offered Khan Khan to the role of her parents. No, however, Amir and Picasa’s fans report this Dum