Reddit data stolen. User Guide to Changing Password

Reddit data stolen. User Guide to Changing Password

Reddit has told its customers that hackers have stolen some information by accessing their database. Hackers have stolen the database of 2007, this database includes users’ email addresses and passwords.
Reddit has directed victims to change passwords by sending an email to this impression. Reddit has urged users to use dual certification.

Users who had made the reddit for 2007 or earlier have been affected by this hacking.

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Hackers have also read the Email Digestists in this impression, which Reddit sent to users in June 2018.
This hacking imports have occurred between June 14 and 18. Hacker acquired account of many Reddit accounts through the company’s cloud provider and source cast hostes.

Reddit has been credited with its dual-certification, but Hacker failed to verify SMS certification and accessed the Red Hat system. After entering the system, Hacker has seen the backup file, source code, and log file of other employees. Fortunately, he could not change. Apart from this, Hacker also read public and private messages from 2005 to 2007.

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