Rainfall in the upper parts of the country increases cold intensity

Rainfall in the upper parts of the country increases cold intensity

The snowfall continues in the upper parts of the country while the weather has been affected by rain and rain in other cities.

KARACHI, Quetta, Marri, Azad Kashmir and North Waziristan areas, including Quetta, have been rising due to a three-day snowfall, which has led to a huge increase in cold intensity.

The mountains of the plains of the Neelam, Hats, Bala Bagh, Haveli and Poonch area of ​​Azad Kashmir, were wrecked as snowfall took place in Shalal, Rasmak and Datta Khel area of ​​North Waziristan.

Colom and Malim Juma area of ​​Swat area, while snowfall and rains continue in the areas of Maskani Dha, Kalpani, Valley Fights, Baneshhi and Lakota area of ​​Lower Dir.

Punjab, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other parts of the country, have become partial and the cold winds have increased.

Due to the rainy rain in Karachi, the weather has become pleasant.

According to Meteorological department, moisture content in the air in the air is 75% and the wind is 11 kilometers per hour, but today the minimum temperature is 14 degree centigrade.

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8 injured in rain in Peshawar

According to the National Disaster Management Authority Pakistan (PDMA), 8 people have been injured in recent rainfall and snowfall in Peshawar.

According to PDMA, one person was injured in Koh, 6 in Upper, Upper and Tank, while 3 houses were damaged in the province.

Director General PDMA directed Deputy Commissioners to look at the city’s situation, when the road to open snowfall roads has started.

Director General PDMA said that the entire district administration is in full contact and the help line for the citizens is 1700 hours active

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