President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle

President Barack Obama's wife Michelle

President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle will hide title of the fashion magazine Woog’s March edition.

This is the only chance that an American woman’s first photo is printed on the wig magazine’s cover. Earlier, in the 1960s, Hillary Clinton’s image was published on the wig’s cover.

The garbage that Mrs. Obama has done in the photographs he had chosen for his purpose.

He says he feels that his clothes are people’s eyes. ‘I will not show that I do not have any work. But I have to take care that I am comfortable with the clothes I wear. ‘

Mrs. Obama’s photo photographer for the Wig’s Gorge is pulled by Aoney Laboats. In the cover photo, those blue-colored velvet silk dresses which Jason Wu has designated.

This is the second opportunity that Mrs. Obama has chosen for a special occasion for the clothing made by Jason. Earlier he had worn long white gowns designed by Jason Wu for hair, following President Obama’s pledge on January 20.

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Mrs. Obama’s choice in fashion has been seen as a favorite and has been influenced by her.

On that day, Mrs. Obama chose JC’s dresses for his family, and on that same day, the company’s share came to see ten percent increase.

Michelle Obama, in his interview with Vogue, has also spoken on his role as a social host.

‘We want the US to feel like America’s attitude toward the White House and we remember the many dimensions of American culture. The Spanish community, Asian American community, the African American community … Hip hop, general speaking, we want to bring a young generation so that they are here. ‘

Apart from twenty truman, Vogue has made a picture of every American president’s wife since the age of twenty and forty. In the 35th century, the picture of Mr. Harbert Hur’s wife Lou Henry Hurra was printed in the Vogue magazine.

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