Police and our attitude

Police and our attitude

According to famous Philosopher Aristotro, society is sole source of unity. The combination of these units produces a society and state is from the state. Some values ​​and rules are set to run state management and management, which are instituted to execute. One of the institutions is police, which also enforce rules and acts against breaking the rules. It is like in other countries of the world. There is also a police department in Pakistan like other countries of the country, which is doing the duty of a lot of prosperity.

But the dirty political and deported politicians in Pakistan recruit recruitment people in this department. And by killing them, registering malicious cases, their faces Alan is used to remove alien from the way. Because of this, there is no positive impression for the police in the public, but if you consider the heat of cold, cold intensity, and the soldier of the police facing the seasons, The employee is not doing all this for the salary of a few thousand rupees.

But by keeping the passion and emotion on human life, sacrificing his personal life like a robot, day and night, on human life, Eiden is the festival that people living in Parade also return home, but police employees and officers There is no way to deal with them after the Eid. Many years have been killed due to terrorism in Pakistan for many years. People of the list are first of the list of police personnel. They are also the old parents of police employees, wife children and younger siblings who guard their martyrdom as a common man.

Go to the police station and wait for a day with the employer, then you will understand how the work is loaded by a person. It is more than a person who is a nervous person. It is not a matter of concern that every police constellation and officer is close to the police station. It is a natural process to get rid of anger and anger in everyday life because of mental stress. Due to the same process, we give them the highest degree of society in which injustice is.

We should be justified in the demand of privilege – the one we hope for others to do is also the right to us that we give them. We are ourselves in the cause of distortion in darkness or behavior. One of our society is unbelievable to reach the institutions in small matters and make a long story of true lies and try to be oppressed as if the city sells dreams in all the sleeping days. There are no buyers of dreams like that, but we fail to sell society or not in a failed attempt to sell. When we were not getting the desired results, we provide our personal reasons for the intervention of the politicians and the ignorant in the organization to Anna.

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We must first learn the perception of right and wrong, then there should be a fight for a woman concealed in herself. If such false requests will cause a reason to destroy the police time, then the institutions themselves themselves become maternity and start to become mischievous. The attitude of behavior in any society is a matter of distortion or stability, then why is it just about institutions? Journalism is the status of the fourth pillar in any state and people associated with this profession are called journalists, who are aware of society’s eyes, ears And language.

They are responsible for presenting the goodness of society and in a balanced and positive manner, and it is an intelligent element to explain solutions with criticism for which understanding and understanding are very important. I am sorry that in the journalism department there are now too many black sheep, who are just about to share a sense of self-interest, or personal property, or business chelter, by publishing not only journalism but also the reputation of the country. There is no reason to say that such TV channels, which are based on the rules of falsehood, are just looking for the opportunity to mislead and criticize the institutions, and spread awareness among the people and now they have done so that no one for them The bad news is not known, and they can not recognize as long as they hear anything in a funny and fascinating spell.

The news is that it is a news. If the police do any wrong work, discussions and comments and comments are being presented with different brands and spices on TV channels all day, but when the police are young martyred or Nobody tells about the way they spend the night in the head to perform their duties. I ask them, is it not news that even though the police continued to spend all night duty duty on the villages of the village, which has to calculate each tablet and every minute, whether the time or the tablet itself Why not spend in defense of John Hurvé reflects civilization, if the institutions in the West promote positive values, civilization and social behavior is also positive. We should be sincere with the services and institutions of the country, because the wages and pillars of any state are its institutions. The state is our home and if we start to hollow the house pills, will we be able to live in it? .

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