People who do not exercise exercise become smart

People who do not exercise exercise become smart

Due to lack of exercise, the health of every fourth person in the world is in danger of danger.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of exercise in people is increasing due to relaxing demand jobs in more income countries.

Experts have said that there has been little success in mobilizing people to live healthy lives around the world, and people of higher income countries are more slow and comfortable.

World Health Organization has said that a third of the world’s population – one billion 40 million people do not exercise physical requirements and do not exercise because they are more vulnerable to getting diseases related to diseases such as acheysal, ذیابطیسس, and various types of cancer. Is.

According to the report, the people of the richest rich countries of the world are less slow, while in the two regions of Asia, women around the world are also very lazy.

To stay healthy according to the World Health Organization, 2.5-hour-old exercise should be practiced every week or hard work for 75 minutes. In addition, at least two days a week should be exercised so that all the muscles of the body may arise.

Likewise, while staying sat down, lightweight exercises should be done so that they can take healthy life.

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