Pakistanis set a new phone call record

Pakistanis set a new phone call record

Pakistanis set a new phone call record, how many thousands of cell calls should be made in 3 years?

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis set a new record for calling phone calls. The paper has revealed that the people of Pakistan have set up a new record by calling a call of Rs 1097 billion in the last three years. The Pakistani nation comprises 22 million people. 7 million Pakistanis There are mobile phones.

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This rate is highest in South Asia. The number of phone companies in Pakistan is 4. Challenger companies have been providing different packages to the public, despite the last three years, the people spent 1097 billion rupees on phone calls. Jail in most of the mobile phone companies was 41.97 billion Received Rs

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In the second year, Telenor received 319.04 billion rupees from consumers. Ufone received 173.50 billion rupees from the consumers during the last three years and Ozong has received 184.34 billion users during the last three years.