Oscar 2019: Who took the Lady Lady’s house and what did she wear?

Oscar 2019: Who took the Lady Lady's house and what did she wear?

Oscar 2019: Who took the Lady Lady’s house and what did she wear?

The film ‘Green Book’ has won the Best Film Award at the 2019 Academy Awards

Greenbook received a total of three awards including the best film. Apart from the best screenplay, the best award-winning award was given for the same movie.

The general idea about the best film was that ‘Roma’ will win this award, but ‘Roma’ was successful in winning three other awards.

Receiving the award of the ‘Green Book’, he said that his film teaches people to love each other.

In the most categories, the award-winning film was the ‘Bohemian Rapids’ with four awards.
Horror actor
Remi Malik received the Best Actor Award for the same movie. He was awarded the award for the role of singer Fardi Murri in the film.

Remy Malik also has the honor that he is the only other Arab-born actor who won Oscar. Earlier, actor Omar Sharif got the Oscar Award for the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.

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Best actress
British actor Olivia Coleman was awarded the Best Actress Award for his film ‘Feast’.

The best actor of the best actress, as well as the result of the expectations. The general idea was that Gillen Kloz will win the award for the film ‘The Woman’ but this does not happen.

It was the seventh nomination for Glenn Oscar and he could not succeed in winning the award at once.
Olivea appeared emotional after receiving Oscar and became arrogant during speech.

He specially thanked his fellow actors in his speech. “It’s a very stressful moment,” he said. It’s so funny that I’ve won Oscar. ‘

The fourth Oscar of the film ‘Roma’
Director Alansu Koron received the ‘Best Recorder’ award on his film ‘Roma’. This is his fourth Oscar.

After receiving the award, Alansov Kowloon said that he is anxious about the Academy that his film was released through this award.

Apart from the best director of the Alansoo, the best cinematography for the film was also considered as Oscar’s title, while he also won the best film award of foreign language.

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