Opo A7 was introduced with Hyper Boost and 4230 MAH Battery

Rumors about Oops A7 and news have been coming for a month. Now this device has been introduced in many countries of the world with Promo Page.
The new phone has Snap Dragon 450 Chip Set, Water Drop نو, and 4230 MAH Huge Battery. This phone’s most important gaming experience is HyperBoost.
Opo A7’s display is 6.2 inches. Display resolution 720p and split reset is 19: 9.
Nowadays like Kedderserva Oppo Phones, it also has water drops. The Chinese version of this phone has 4GB RMB and 64 GB storage. In Nepal it will also be presented in 32 GB Intelligent Storage Option. In third versions, storage can be enhanced from micro SD card.

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Opo A7 was introduced with Hyper Boost and 4230 MAH Battery

The main camera of the phone is 13 MP + 2 MP.

The camera’s most impressive censor is behind the front camera.

A front-facing phone with AI features is 16 megapixel, which includes 8 megapixel beauty shoots. You can also adjust the background after taking a photo from the phone’s backup camera. The phone has 4,230 mAh battery with ColorOS 5.2 operating system.
Oppo introduced Hyper Boost at a special ceremony in the month of October. This is a response to the OWN GPU Turbo technology.
These features include 31% better gaming expressions for select mobile games, including Arena of Valor, PUBG and the latest FIFA, using CPU and GPU.

This is the first Mediterranean phone of Oops, in which Oppo’s own technology has been used. Earlier this opo was included in RX 17 Pro.
The OOPA7 price is 1599 yuan or $ 230 or 200 euros. Her pre-order in China has started. In Nepal, its value is 35,790 Nepalese rupees or $ 310 or 270 euros

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