Oil, gas, gold and other minerals, on one hand

Oil, gas, gold and other minerals, on one hand, a valuable thing

Oil, gas, gold and other minerals, on one hand, a valuable thing came out from the sea of Gwadar that the one who saw it was stupid. Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) has been praised by Lord Almighty for a lot of blessings, minerals or agriculture, seasons or water, sea, or desert, field, or mountainous country, is filled with all kinds of delights while the world Many countries are deprived of these delights. Minerally in Pakistan where there is reserves of gas, oil, coal and other mineral resources, power has also given Pakistan other sources, the mountains of Balochistan or the ocean are swollen and the need is done.

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That’s Resources should be done only for the benefit of domestic and public. Recently, a rare fish has been caught from the beach of Pashkan near Gwadar, which is worth millions of rupees in the international market. The value of this fish is more than Rs. 11 lakhs. The famous fish known as Sowa and Kir, this fish was caught two days ago by the fishermen from the beach of Pashan near Gwadar. The fish caught by the ocean’s ocean is about 41kg, this fish is considered to be rare due to its chest and a particular substance of the substance used in surgical medicine. According to a fish caught from the beaches of Pushkin, a Karachi-based pharmaceutical company bought auction at Gwadar Jetty.

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This fish has auctioned around about 11 lakh 48 thousand rupees on Gwadar Jet. The fishing sources have also told that this fish It is rare that it is rarely trapped in the fishing system. In the season, this fish comes to the beach to give the eggs to the beach. Are caught in fishermen’s nets. Last year was also caught more than 10 fish of the same generation that was later sold for millions.