No waiting for approval to go bank Pakistan’s only

No waiting for approval to go bank! Pakistan's only

Islamabad (ANN)  HBL is a bankruptcy provider by mobile phone applications. Chief of the International Consumer Banking Bank of HBL, Amir Qureshi said that the bank has been providing online facilities to the consumers in which the paper has been terminated. He said that from the beginning of the application During the last 30 days, the bank has provided loans to more than one thousand users. He said that the acquisition of debt is now

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It’s done in a few minutes instead of days. He said that initially this facility is for salary segments in the selected cities of the country, but its scope will be further expanded. He said that this facility does not require users to go to any branch to apply and apply for branches and to approve them, but now all the work is done by mobile phone in a few minutes The requirements can be completed.