Nicolas Anelka, a renowned football player, announced Pakistan’s visit

Nicolas Anelka, a renowned football player, announced Pakistan's visit

Nicolas Anelka, a renowned football player, announced Pakistan’s visit

Nicolas Anelka, a world’s most expensive player, announced the visit to Pakistan for World Football Stars.

The $ 90 million player Nicholas Anilka will be part of the World Soccer star tower, she is coming to Islamabad to play football in Pakistan.

Nicolas Anelka, a former member of Paris Saint German, Liverpool, Chelsea, Main City, and French International Tulithman, was named in World Football Stars. They are reaching Islamabad on March 5.

The decision to join Nicholas Anilka in World Football Stars is a key set for the time needed to survive and reinforce the football game in Pakistan.

Nicholas’s arrival in Pakistan and January 10, 2019, will be a bunch of silk slices of Kaka, Fago and Aunon in Lahore and Karachi.

Encyclopedia has signed a Strategic Long Term Agreement with World Football Stars.

Anilka will meet the new President of the Pakistan Football Federation Syed Ashfaq Shah and start working for the 20-point agenda of football promotion.

It is not too late to see the dreams of millions of fans of football in Pakistan, when fans will see international players coming to Pakistan’s soil and not only play matches, but they will get a new life from football, Will actually get solid results.

Analogy’s specialist experience is based on his aggressive coaching style, his service has recently presented to Little OC Youth at the French League One.

This visit is designed by the Touch Ski Group – World Soccer Star’s Partnership to help increase the technical understanding of the PFF.

“My participation will help boost soccer in Pakistan and I have a special relationship with Pakistan, after accepting Islam,” Nikolis Anelka said.

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Anilka added that my World Cup has a special relationship with the Soccer Star Tour, I believe that my tower from Lahore to 26 to 29th April will prove to be an important tool for my fans and I look forward to doing my fans. I am

“I am happy to discuss the actual development needs of football and to build a realistic football game infrastructure for PFF,” says Root Ski Group World Football Star head.

Robert said that I am engaged in the sustainable development of the football and I am impressed by seeing the place for the football in the market.

Ahmer Kanwar of TGG World Football Stars says that our approach to top Doon and Boom-up will be a craftsman to operate on a basic level of football in Pakistan.

He said that Anilka’s visit consisted of a deep discussion on the support of the Domestic League structure with PFF and the presence of Encyclopedia strengthens our intentions, which has been organized for the Indian players for a regular Gateway for football. But it’s time to take a tour to talk.

Anilka’s visit will be between St. Louis Malloret’s football fans, where he will be among them to encourage his fans to encourage, self-esteem and increase their confidence through the World Football Star tower.

World Football Stars will soon announce another World Football Star so that Pakistan can strengthen the relationship with another football star.

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