New style of kajal

New style of kajal

Whenever women participate in any wedding or any other general ceremony, their first mind is the idea that I look different from all. Anyone who looks like you wear, you can get any function Whenever I get dressed, make sure that you feel comfortable. Tomorrow, since the tradition of light make-up is common, girls make light with make-up in a manner that their make-up looks like a tremendous appearance. Is .

There are different ideas for burning .You also try to try it out for your personality.
Egyptian style masculine: Women who want to look for unique look masculine in Egyptian style. From the eyelashes to the eyelashes, add a masalic shield to the bone to the bone.

Now make a deep line on the bottom of the eye with the inner ring of the eye and end it on the outer corner of the eye.

Increase the side of the outer gut so that it meets the top line and one eyelash is placed around the eyes. It is the classic Egyptian style. No reason why you are at any function Burn it and look unique.
Lower style style burn: Under this estimation, it burns at the bottom of the eye and leaves the eyelashes empty, and this stylish style goes on to itself when you do not want to make up your mind. If you put this style liner in the night, people will not be able to live without it.

Single and double wing burn: For this styling you will have to pick up the top layer of lining (line) above the eye as it is on the screen on the screen. On the top of the upper part, make orange beautiful or so on the lower surface (ie the eyelids), increase the purple so that it becomes visible to the bottom. This is a suitable choice for celebrations.

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