New economic block and terrorism

New economic block

The attack on small events and then on Chinese consulate last week is very important in context of  politics of region. Talking to Taliban of the US, refusing Pakistan’s IMF to take away Pakistan from America and a new economic block Growing towards some unnecessary forces are not keeping an eye these forces have been pushing towards this region for the last 12 years, especially in the last ten years, and we have provided sacrifices and sacrifices in the last 12 years and large Hardly after the military operations, it has overcome the tyranny of terrorism. Those who are keen to become a Chauvinist in this region do not have an eye.

The three-month performance of the present government is apparently not a particularly visible aggression of opposition aggression? The worst economic crisis and the inconvenience did not allow the Government to breathe, but despite these difficulties, the magic of personality of the person at the international level seemed to be seen by Saudi Arabia? China Successful tours of the UAE and Malaysia have made Pakistan capable of showing green flag to IMF, and it was the time when the American president also came out of our torture by the President of Tulla. After impression and IMF’s refusal, we should have been ready for a big shock, here we have a little bit of caution, but the police’s timely action and bravery of the martyr saved them from great loss.
Chinese Consulate
The responsibility behind the attack, the purpose behind the acceptance of the BLA, is that Pakistan forces may be able to conduct military operations in Baluchistan, who does not know what sport is playing in Balochistan, Kalhoshan Yadav has also confirmed it. Instead of enthusiasm, instead of enthusiasm, it should act consciously and instead of stuck in the enemy’s tent.

The attack on the Chinese Consulate reflects that China’s most recent visit has been very successful, the agreement and economic contribution to this visit will bring Pakistan to the path of development, the fact that our enemies came to know but the high Journalists who lived in the past years, were deprived of 40 billion years of this poor nation and opposition parties who had to do their next meetings in jail could not be understood or by recognizing them for the past years. Are stopping Hassan agreed to say something or to save the previous government from falling down. The opposition’s government supported the government and wanted the international powers to do the same, but the current opposition is now trying to defeat the government since the first day. And at the same time international powers are the same, so it feels more than anything else.

The change in the country has not come in the last ten years for three months, the government is trying to get the country out of the economic crisis, and it is going to be a new economic block which definitely brings hope for the people of this region. There will be an ideal harmony in the government and establishment that will help fight against terrorism and support in foreign affairs. The Supreme Court and the other state institutions have started work against corruption against which we listen every day. National Action Plan should be implemented with full strength by implementing the National Action Plan. At the same time, political governments had to follow, unfortunately, the previous government failed to fail, it is now the opportunity to implement these points so that the children can not afford to destroy the terrorists.