Nawajit Singh’s latest statement on Sodha’s India-India tension

Nawajit Singh’s latest statement on Sodha’s India-India tension

There is no fight with our Pakistan, thinking bad about others will not be good with us, Sadoo once again, the message of ending stress by the two countries
New Delhi (Urdu News Latest News, February 28, 2019): The latest statement of Indian Prime Minister and former Indian cricketer, Navjaj Singh Sadoo, has been revealed on recent tensions between Pakistan and India. The media reports have said that the Nawajit Singh Sadoo has given a statement of reconciliation in Pak-India tension again, he said that it would not be good for us to think bad about others.
There is no fight with our Pakistan. Sodho said, “I am on my right stand that no one can be blamed for the sake of fist people.” The problems of diplomats and diplomatic pressure have been resolved for a long time. However, on the other hand, Trivavant Singh is facing a serious tension on sending forward Sadducees with Pakistan and not giving responsibility to Pakistan in the plaulah attack.

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A few days back, the assembly of Indian Punjab was also opened in the assembly. The Bagram Singh of the Kills leader burnt the image of Navjot Singh Sadhu outside the assembly before the budget session, in which the Army Chief General Qamar Javed was thrown away. While Sandhu continued to respond to his slogans in his defense in the whole assembly, even any Congress party leader did not support Sodha. Ten minutes, the protest was continued in the assembly of Indian Punjab. Vajpayee Singh Sodho kept listening for some time, but then stood up and responded in a aggressive manner.And today again, Indian cricketer Najajit Singh Sudho, Pakistan and India, The source has asked to find solutions.

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