NA panel passes bill to induce details of Pakistanis’ foreign assets

ISLAMABAD: Despite severe resistance by Abdul Qadir Patel of the West Pakistan Peoples Party, a parliamentary committee on Wednes­day passed a bill which is able to enable the govt. to induce data concerning foreign assets and bank accounts of Pakistani voters.

The Mutual Legal Assis­tance (Criminal Matter) Bill, 2019, also will enable alternative countries to induce data from West Pakistan.

A meeting of the National Assembly’s Standing Com­mittee on Interior, control beneath the berth of Raja Khurram Shahzad Nawaz of the West Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf within the Committee area of the National information and Registra­tion Authority headquarters, was told by Interior Secretary retired Major Azam Suleman Khan that the bill was vital for West Pakistan “as it’ll facilitate the country end from gray list of the monetary Action Task Force”.

Most of the committee’s members were of the read that the bill ought to be passed, however adult male Patel opposed it and said: “We ought to see that if there square measure some political motives of the bill. Moreover, we should always conjointly see that if we are going to solely be giving data or we are going to even be ready to get data from alternative countries.’’

The interior secretary aforementioned Section eight of the bill clearly declared that the agreement can not be one-sided. The committee’s chairman determined to carry vote and declared that the bill had been approved.

Mr Patel, however, aforementioned that his dissent ought to be recorded.

Later reproval Dawn, the surgery politician aforementioned that he had totally studied the bill and it absolutely was ready for the exchange of knowledge with alternative countries.

“It states that even though a primary data report is registered against someone, the state will get data concerning his accounts from alternative countries. it’ll become a weapon within the hands of the govt. thanks to that politically actuated cas­­es would be registered and therefore the state would be ready to inquire from alternative countries concerning the assets,” adult male Patel aforementioned.

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