More gold is harmful for health: medical experts

More gold is harmful for health medical experts

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) is a common idea that every adult person needs an 8-hour sleep, but experts say it depends on the health, weight and the illnesses of every person how much sleep it needs. Reduction of sleep can lead to problems with pre-death risk, including diseases, diabetes and depression. Experts say that the shortage of sleep is harmful to us, as well as sleep abilities can also cause harm to us. Let’s see

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There is more gold that makes us vulnerable. According to experts, more than 9 hours gold can be made of obesity. More sleep affects the ability to store body food and burn calorie. The more gold causes headache and magnesium. According to a research, more gold and acne are deeper in the heart, more people are likely to suffer from diseases in the heart of 28%. The more golden minds grow, causing less danger of being alzheimer’s. Living on a bed for a long time can increase the waist and neck pain because this waist and neck parts remain in an uncomfortable condition for a long time.

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More sleep may also be a symptom of diabetes because diabetes patients feel fatigue and drowsiness. Experts say more time on bed causes uncomfortable sleep, but causes day-to-day and durability due to lack of work. Since the need for sleeping is different, everybody thinks that the hours of sleep are needed to estimate that if you feel self-frozen without a calvinie, it means that your sleep It’s done Your room should be dark, calm and silent for the best sleeping, while drowning blinds are also helpful in bringing calm sleep.

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