Modi’s civil war broke out after Pakistan’s dynamic role on threats

After India’s two towers on Indian threats, softening and style of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed.

Since the February 14 attacks in Palma district of Kashmir occupied Kashmir, Indian rulers and media had opened a front against Pakistan and hazardous and threatening statements were being against Pakistan.

This hate campaign was targeted by Pakistani artists and ordinary citizens who had gone to India. India knows that Kashmiri is no longer with it, so Kashmiris were attacked throughout India.

The decision that India had decided to give priority to Pakistan to trade, and imposed 200% duty on import of Pakistani goods.
India also tried to bring the international community to its agenda in which it was badly failure.

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In addition to Saudi Arabia, the United Nations also refused to accept the Indian firm to condemn Pakistan on the Plaudama incident.

India has got its own time after India’s two-point bilateral and badly-failed failure on Indian threats and India’s threatening statements have now changed into negotiations.

In a speech today, the Prime Minister said that after becoming prime minister of Imran Khan, calling him and calling him that both the countries fought a lot, come together to fight against poverty and ignorance.
Narendra Modi said Imran Khan said that he speaks the truth, today he is the time to look at this point, he will wait that when Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan fulfills his promises.

Indian Prime Minister also acknowledged that Kashmiri is the most terrorist.

Narendra Modi, who belonged to the Hindu extremist party, said attacks on Kashmiris should be closed across India.

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