Mental weakness is related to age

Mental weakness is related to age

Scientists believe that they have probably been able to detect why human beings have mental ability with increased age.

Scientists from US University Harvard have been diagnosed with the use of medical imaging capacities after comparing the minds of healthy people aged 14 to 14 years.

From these people’s brain scan, it came to pass that, with the increase of age, the substance starts to decrease in mind, which is essential for mutual contact of the main parts of the brain.

According to this study published in ‘Neuron’, the lack of memory and mind capabilities are affected by this decrease. According to scientists, this discovery has also been found to be an answer to why a healthy man’s mental disorder reduces with an aging age.

Jessica Hannah, head of the research team, says, “This research will help us to know how to change our minds and age as well, and what is the reason for some people to be mentally challenged at the age of nine. While some mental abilities are fierce over time. “He said that one possible reason for this may also be that all parts of the brain are unable to work together.

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Kyullard, the professor of the Al-Azam Society, says that there is still more work to make these results transparent and transparent. “It is important to work more closely whether mental changes are related to a growing age or affect the vascular changes in the mind,” he said.

Prof. Kyiv Baldard said that “Knowing about the change of mind with the sun is a major part of the disease-related disorders such as missing memorandum.”