Meeting with Indian Parliamentarians, Shimma Swaraj, Indian Parliamentary Parliament Ramesh Kumar Vanokani

Meeting with Indian Parliamentarians, Shimma Swaraj, Indian Parliamentary Parliament Ramesh Kumar Vanokani

After the Plaudama attack between India and Pakistan, one side of the tension is increasing, a member of Pakistan has met Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj in India.

Ramesh Kumar Vanokani, Member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Party, Imran Khan’s party, went to attend the ongoing festival in India.

Talking to the BBC, Ramesh Kumar Vanokani said that the main objective of his visit to India was part of the convention ceremony, but his Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj also met in which he emphasized that the land of Pakistan In any case it will not be used for extremism.

Ramesh Kumar told the BBC that he also told the Indian Foreign Minister that the government and the government were not separately but today they are on the same page. And the incident should be investigated whether Jeet Mohammad is really involved in this attack or just said that to take a credit only.

Ramesh Kumar further said, “I told Shuja Sauraj that even if Jash Muhammad is involved in it, I also assure you that I am coming from the Ganges and I am coming from here. I believe you. I assure that no institution in Pakistan is behind it. ‘

In his meeting, Ramesh Kumar has clearly rejected the allegations of involvement in Pakistan in the Plaudia attack.

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“Do you think Pakistan will use its soil against India, but if India has evidence of involvement in Pakistan in the Palamama attack,” he told BBC’s present in Amritsar, BJP representative Rabindra Singh Robin. If they are present, they should be handed over to Pakistan so that the government of Pakistan can take action. ‘

He said that now it has been time to accuse each other, but now it is time to move forward. “The purpose of his visit is to create a sense of friendship between the two countries,” he said.

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Ramesh Kumar Vanokani is related to Sindh province of Pakistan and has met with Sushma Swaraj on Twitter.

According to Ramesh Kumar, he told the Indian Foreign Minister that no solution could be made in this regard of the answer and we would take some positive step at once, but we have to get up. God also wants friendship between the two countries, so I have come to India in such a difficult situation. ‘
Ramesh Kumar is also the head of the Hindu Council in Pakistan. He also met Indian Minister of State and former Army Chief VK Singh. He says he spent the day with VK Singh.

Ramesh Kumar said that in a few days, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be discussed in a positive manner, which will not be seen in his weakness but it will be in favor of them.

Ramesh Kumar said on the return of Pakistan that he will meet his Prime Minister, Imran Khan and inform him of his visit to India, and he will also know about what kind of behavior he was there with him.

More than 40 officials were killed in the attack on CRPF on Indian paramilitary forces in Palma, India-administered Kashmir, February 14. Josh Mohammad, the outfit of the responsibility of the attack, had accepted.

After this attack, conditions in both the countries have become very tense. India says he will avenge the attack from Pakistan while the allegations have been denied by the prime minister of Pakistan.

After this attack, India has also taken the status of ‘Most Favored Nation’ (MFN), the most favorite country for trade.

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