Long-term dream, can be overpowered

Long-term dream, can be overpowered

Our prayers are commonly called ‘Do not Stop Waiting’. Many similarities are present in most of the world’s societies. The Mighty had prayed for a thousand years to go ahead of the plants and grandmother, and he also prayed for a year, on which twenty five thousand.

But the thing is that if a thousand years even if the person would remain happy even if he would take something good then it would have been better because the desire of the old age to be included in these desires, about which Mirza Mulayam had said that every desire Get out
 The man started his age attempt with the advent of this world. In early December, man started his herbs and weeds to avoid various diseases. Because the biggest risk for life was diseases.

In the pre-history period, man’s average age was at a very low level. The point is that the average human age was between 18 and 20 years of age, until the exit of a stone developed out of the stone era. In ancient Rome and Greek periods, the average increase of age reached 30 years. Age of many mothers meet with pyramid alloy is estimated between 30 and 35 years.
Interestingly, the average human age was up to 40 years until the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. At present, experts have estimated the average age of the world for 67 years, because the average age in developed and rich countries has significantly increased. Experts determine the average age of a particular area in a particular period with the number of births and deaths. According to the middle of the mid-century, children’s diseases were the biggest cause for average mortality because the majority of children were five years old. Before the arrival, the titles became benevolent. Apart from this, a quarter of the women passed through the maternity process and went to the mouth of death.
But the recent effect of the child’s immune effects in the past decade has made an unprecedented increase in human average age. The only example of India is enough to explain this situation. In the mid-century half, India’s average age was 32 years old, which has grown to 64 years in 2000.

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Experts say that in the present century, man’s average age will increase significantly. According to the latest figures, the average age of men in the United States is 74 years, and the average age of women is 79 years. The average age in many European countries is more than that. In some parts of Australia, the average age is 81 years.

In ancient story stories many people get relief from those who have lived for centuries. But according to the certified record at that time, the longest human age has been 122 years old. The scientists say that by man improving science and living environment, humans get more than 100 years of age.

Many elements play an important role in the age group. In which diseases are dominant. Man has overcome many deadly ruins that came to ruin the towns of Fanaa settlements and cities of cities.
 But today she is facing the risk of AIDS. Unless there is no respiratory treatment of this epidemic, she will remain a major obstacle in the path of drought. In addition, obesity is also seen as a threat to average growth rate. Another important reason for increasing average average growth in sustainable and sustainable countries is a better cleaning system. The average age of the countries where drainage systems have established.

Food also plays an important role in the long run. The countries or human groups who made parts of their diet that were simple and balanced, increased their average age. Short diet does not mean poultry feeding or peppers. This man is a victim of obesity, which is considered to be the mother of many diseases. This means that it is a balanced diet in which all the essential ingredients are present in appropriate quantities.

Drug products, alcohol consumption, and decrease in smoking. Statistics show that in 1999 the unusual increase in the use of alcohol in Russia led to a 60-year-old mortality rate of men’s mortality.

The life in which a person lives, plays an important role in determining his age. The average age of people living in the adjacent area of ​​densely populated cities, contaminated areas, highways and industrial areas is less than those who live in quiet and quiet small settlements and Sargozhab areas.

Statistics show that the white collar, those who have good positions, are more than the workers working in factories and mines. Which shows that the working environment affects the age of man.

Studies in European countries show that in the United Kingdom, people belonging to immigrants and happy families were more than poor groups. Due to this, awareness of health facilities, balanced food and health was in progress. The same situation in France also came to see. The average age in Africa’s poor countries compared to the US and the US was almost half. Due to this, lack of education, lack of education, dysfunction and treatment were inadequate facilities of the therapeutic.

Experts say that those people are relatively long, who exercise exercise and physical work. Because physical organs increase their strength and strengthen their immune system.

The study also found that the age range of the human race also has a deep connection. The same atmosphere, living in similar conditions and the same food