Listen to the continuous 7th year as the lead actress

Listen to the continuous 7th year as the lead actress

Mumbai (CNN) Bollywood star Sunny Lioni has kept her popularity in comparison to other actors in 2018. The leading search engine has released a list of Yahoo! Search Engineers listings in India from 2018 As a continuous 7th year, Sunni Leoni is considered to be the leading actress. In this list, the second number is Sri Seri, who has been searching for a lot of sudden death due to their sudden death. A short video has been starved on a social media after a virus Predictor Priya Prashash should be third and then Prianka, Katrina, Patrick and Katrina have left behind all the bidding videos.

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In this list, Priinka Chopra appeared on the fourth, Spina Choudhary on the fifth and Sonali Bindra on the sixth. Katrina Kaif on the 7th, then Pikaica Paidukon, Radhighika It was 9th while Sonam Kapoor lost 10th position. As far as male stars are, Salman Khan headed, followed by Nick Jones and Kamal Hasan respectively and remained second and third respectively.

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The fourth, Amitabh Bachchan fifth, Kapil Sharma sixth, rumor 7th, Justin Biber 8, Akshay Kumar 9th and Akulak Nath remained 10th. According to S. Yehu, the retired person in Ranaut, who retained Ranbir’s career, followed by Jhawavi Kapoor, Virat Kohli, Paranak Chopra and Nick Jones, while surprisingly, instead of Kareena Kapoor or Saif Ali Khan, his son Timur Ali Khan was fifth. are present.