Life What is the end of this life?

Life What is the end of this life

Why do people look unhappy even when they are not unhappy? Is not life a blessing? That God has given us. To do all this work in this life that he has taught us and taught us? But sorry, after we came to this world, we have lost such colorful things as to why we were brought to this world. They are completely forgetting.

If we talk to those who are not unhappy with this life, it will be difficult to count them, because today people’s wishes have increased greatly. The person whose life is worth 40,000 rupees or two lives in the past, there is no doubt that everyone lacks their lack of life. A complete life does not belong to anyone, and she gives birth to making her life a good and pure one.

In all this matter he forgets himself that finally he is hid to earn money in this world? Was this just the first and last goal of his life? We have to change this thought. Today, in this context, children are taught from their childhood to read well to get good jobs and keep money coming from which you can live with life. But what if you do not feel comfortable after spending a lot of money? Can everything be purchased with money? Can Money be Purchased as Peace, China, Honor, Sleep and Heart? no…

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This is not the money coming from. So how will we get it all? We do not get the same question of many people. Why do not you ever get to know that it is not enough to go away from the worldly life, right, both life and religion and the world are real life to walk with them both. Living according to the command of Almighty and achieving worldly education, both of them are important to live in a complete and complete life. In this way, man’s biggest complaint is that everything is but not peaceful, it will go away and prosperity will bring prosperity. So how do you think about this life? The one that we have made or that we should make it. Both of the world and the Hereafter have to be destroyed.

So let’s think today what is the life?

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