LG’s 16 cameras intend to develop a smartphone

LG's 16 cameras intend to develop a smartphone

The US (Monitoring Desk) smartphones with two, 3 or 4 cameras are becoming normal now but the South Korean company plans to break all types of records. LG had introduced a total of 5 camera phone v 40s on Front and Back shortly ago, but now it plans a 16-bit camera device. A phone with 16 cameras on the back. His Patent LG has submitted to the US. There is a camera named L16 which has sixteen cameras

But its cost is $ 2,000 and professional photographers can use it correctly. LG’s proposed phone will be able to turn off different things in the camera’s eye in a shot, with the creation of Thary de Mendoza, it will also give you an opportunity to change photos, such as rotating a head or changing the full range. . An example in LG Patent has also been given how a single shot can be taken from different angles while the head of the object can be wrapped and rotated according to its choice.

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Another example is said that this lens system uses AI technology to identify and with its help it can change the head from any photo. According to patent, this device’s cellphone camera will be equipped with a mirror, yes the technology used in old flip phones and compact cameras. It is not known how long the LG will introduce such a phone, but it will definitely try to advance this technology.

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Smartphone companies used to maximize maximum megapixels in the past and are now being included in more and more camera devices. Samsung introduces Galaxy A9 as a smartphone with the world’s first four-back cameras, while Nokia is offering a 5-inch device with a back camera. Simple words are very quickly filled with your phone’s camera as soon as possible.